Red Wines

La Terre Merlot (Calif.)  | $5.75 glass

A smoky note weaving through its Macintosh apple, honeysuckle and vanilla flavors, and a round finish that lingers nicely.

La Terre Cabernet (Calif.)  | $5.75 glass

Full cherry and blackberry flavors with a hint of oak.

Toasted Head Cabernet (Calif.)  | $8.25 glass

Vanilla and toasty flavors from oak aging, cherry and blackberry fruit, with notes of chocolate, leather, roasted coffee, and sweet oak. The tannins are mouth filling but soft, with a hint of smoke.

Mark West Pinot Noir (Calif.)  | $8.25 glass

Medium-bodied with black cherry, cola, strawberry, plum and soft tannins.

Colores del sol Malbec (Argentina) | $7.25 glass

Elegant aromatics, and a palate which frames bright, fresh fruit flavors in a medium-bodied structure.


Chandon Rose Sparkling Wine (Calif.)  | $ 6.75 glass

Intense ripe strawberries, juicy watermelon and fresh red cherry fruit aromas and flavors.

Maschio Prosecco (Italy) | $5.75 glass

Light straw yellow with lively froth. White peach and orange blossoms. Fruit forward, with peach and almond flavors.

White Wines

Albertoni Chardonnay (Calif.)  | $5.75 glass

Rich, full-bodied wine with pear aromatics.

Toasted Head Chardonnay (Calif.)  | $9.25 glass

Aromas of apricot and vanilla, flavors of tropical fruit and a slight spiciness, layered with toasty oak notes.

Sterling Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc (Calif.)  | $6.75 glass

Green apple, pear, melon, lime and gooseberries framed with grapefruit and white peaches. Medium-bodied, juicy and pleasantly smooth to drink.

BV Coastal Estates Pinot Grigio (Calif.)  | $6.00 glass

Ripe pear and honeydew melon lead the profile, followed by subtle hints of stonefruit, orange blossom and exotic spices.

Glenora Wine Cellars Lake Series Riesling (New York)  | $6.75 glass

Fresh fruit aromas suggestive of apricots and peaches, luscious semi-dry finish balanced by the natural acidity characteristics of the Finger Lakes vineyards.

Albertoni White Zinfandel (Calif.)  | $ 5.75 glass

Fruity on the nose, with strawberry and citrus notes that flavor the palate.

Caivt Pinot Grigio (Italy)  | $ 5.75 glass

Light refreshing flavors of citrus and green apple.

Barefoot Moscato (Calif.)  | $ 5.25 glass

A crisp, refreshing blend of juicy peaches and sweet apricots with lush, fruity aromas with a bright, crisp finish.